Agios Georgios

The church of Agios Georgios, which is located next to the cemetery of Kalamata, at Alagonia street to south-east from the Castle of Kalamata, was previously used as the first cathedral of the city after its liberation from the Turkish rule on March 23rd 1821 until the construction of the temple of Ypapanti during the 1860s.

Having aisled with a pitched roof and three-sided apse, the church of Agios Georgios over the centuries has taken several interventions and repairs and the original temple is estimated to have been built during the second Venetian rule (1685-1715). It was originally a church with aisled domed basilica type but after the destruction by Ibrahim in 1825 and especially after the earthquakes of 1844 and its expansion during its restoration, the church of Agios Georgios took its present form.

The last major intervention in the church of Agios Georgios took place after the earthquake in 1986 when they had to rebuild the northwestern and southwestern corner and part of the south side.

The visitor can read the inscription inside the temple dating since 1939 to learn details about the history of the church of Agios Georgios.

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