Agios Nicolaos of Vournazi

Agios Nicolaos of Vournazi is one of the Byzantine churches of Messinia and is considered a remarkable monument. It dates back to the 11th to 14th century and is located on the village Aristodimeio of Messinia, 21 km away from Kalamata.

The church is cross-shaped with dimensions 3,75 x6 , 10 m. The holy altar of Agios Nicolaos of Vournazi is based on a column that has been destroyed as well as the marble plaque. On the south wall of the church we see a window of dimensions 0,3 X0 0,8 and the lobes are separated by marble parts of an older building of Middle Byzantine period. The column, the two rows of bricks on the whole temple and the toothed strip that surrounds the external temple are those features attest that Agios Nikolaos of Vournazi was built between the 11th and 14th centuries.

If you want to reach the location of the temple in Aristodimeio, you should turn on the village Vournazi and you will meet the bifurcation for Androussa and Arsinoe. You go towards Arsinoe. You will reach to dirt road after 500 meters and then you should turn left and after 300 meters you can see the church of Agios Nicolaos.

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