Alagonia is a quiet village in Messinia, just 29 km to the north of Kalamata. It is built at an altitude of 800 m on the western slopes of Taygetos in lush greenery.

Alagonia is located on the region that in ancient times was called Denthaliatida country and from time to time it belonged either in Messinia or Lakonia. During the Ottoman rule Alagonia was called Sitsova and was the head village of six villages known as Pisina Choria. The current name comes from the ancient Alagonia, although the current position is not identical with that of the ancient city.

At a distance of about one thousand meters from the square of Alagonia (a path crossed only on foot) you will find the traditional fountain Nika in a landscape with big rocks, tall plane trees, abundant water and waterfall.

In the past, Alagonia was famous for good quality potatoes which are produced in large quantities in potatoes farms of Taygetos. The villages organizes on first Saturday after mid-August every year, the feast of potatoes serving free potatoes prepared in all ways!

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