Alexandrakeio Nursing Home

The Alexandrakeio Nursing Home is located at northeast of the church of Ypapanti in the historic center of Kalamata. It was donated by the great benefactor of Kalamata, Alexandrakis Spyridon who was born in 1807 in Cabo Avia of Mani and died in 1871 in Kalamata. In his will he left the huge for that time sum of 2.797.800 drachmas for the establishment and operation of Alexandrakeio Nursing Home. Since 1877 it offers care and support to elders who resort to it in order to live decently in the last years of their lives.

In the last decades of the 19th century it functioned as a hospital-Poorhouse and since 1940 it works as Alexandrakeio Nursing Home. In 1972, the church of Agios Spyridon was built within the premises of Alexandrakeio Nursing House. During the earthquake of 1986 the building was completely destroyed.

The new building of Alexandrakeio Nursing House was founded on September 1993 and was inaugurated on March 1999. Today it hosts about 90 people.

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