Analipsi of Messinia is a lowland village located near the sea; it belongs to the municipality of Messini and is 16 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata, to the direction towards Pylos.

About 420 residents live in the village, including those residing in the settlement that has been created on the beach of Analipsi and they are occupied with agricultural crops and tourism.

Analipsi is a small village in Messinia, but it has a beautiful beach with golden rich sand and so it is an excelllent base for holidays in the region.

On the coast there are a playground for younger children, a coffee house for adults and taverns where you can taste all the local delicacies. There are also infrastructures for wind surfing and sailing.

In Analipsi you will find tourist facilities that can serve their visitors and there are plenty of rooms to let and hotels around the beach.

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