Ancient Fares

Ancient Fares is located on castle of Kalamata. It was an important center that flourished during the Late Helladic (Mycenaean) Age ( 1580-1120 BC ) . The Descent of Dorians (1100 BC) led to the degradation of ancient Fares and strengthened the position of the ancient Thouria to the northwest.

The key position of ancient Fares as an intermediate station between Pylos and Sparti and the euphoria of Messinian Plains was a reason for the four Messenian Wars which took place since 743 until 459 BC. The area was changing hands, according to which side dominated in each phase.

Archeologists have uncovered the foundations of walls and towers of the fortification of ancient Fares at 250 m to the south of the castle, archaic inscriptions engraved on rocks (position of Lithomeno Fidi), pottery shards, carved tomb and a votive inscription of the first century  A.D. dedicated to Zeus.

According to legend the founder of the ancient Fares is considered Farris, son of Hermes and Fylodameia while ancient Fares is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey : In the palace of Diocles, lord of the city, the son of Odysseus, Telemachus and son of Nestor, Pisistratus are hosted during their travel from Pylos to Sparti and on their return. The daughter of Diocles, Antikleia married the son of god of medicine, Asclepius, Machaon who was doctor of the Achaeans in the Trojan War. Sons of Antikleia and Machaon, Nikomachos and Gorgasos were also renowned therapists and so ancient Fares acquired the reputation of a healing center.

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