Artemisia is located on the western slopes of Taygetos at an altitude of 700 meters, on halfway Kalamata – Sparti. Until 1927 it was called Tsernitsa or Tzernitza.

Important historical monuments of Artemisia are Pouloupati house of 18th century and the Monastery of Mele which are just 800 meters away from the village. The Medieval School Mele and Schools of national benefactor Petros Dimakis were housed in Monastery. Great teachers, bishops and personages such as Benakis and Meletopoulos taught and studied in these schools.

Kato Chora of Artemisia is no longer inhabited and is on the place of ancient Denthaliatida, where there are now gardens and ruins of old buildings. There are ruins of the temple of Artemis Limnatid in Volimnos, whereas there is the post-Byzantine bridge of Nedontas in Matzinia. The impressive bridge has a length of 19 m, width of 2.90 m, opening of 8 m and height of 4.50 m.

There are also two interesting churches in Artemisia: the church of Virgin Mary which has frescoes of 1713 (on the main church and narthex) and of 1704 (on the temple) and the single aisled basilica church of Ypapanti with wooden roof, built in 1858.


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