Battle of Ligoudista

The Battle of Ligoudista was held at the village Chora Messenias, duringthe first days of the Greek Revolution of 1821, on 27 March. Peloponnese was the center of the enthusiasm of the rebels and therefore, the location where the Greek Revolution was touched off. Just outside Chora, a group of 800 Greek rebels confronted the Turkish army, coming from Niokastro and heading to the Castle of Kiparissia, to help their fellow countrymen, who were excluded there.

The morale of the Greeks from the recent great victories against the Turks enhanced their courage and contributed significantly to defeat the Turks even at the Battle of Ligoudista.

According to the tradition, the Turks asked the Greeks to come to their senses and surrender their weapons: Frantzis, a widely known writer, claims in his written work that the Turks said to the Greek fighters: “go back home! It seems like your God has taken your sense, and risk your lives.  There is nothing you can do. We see that you are left totally alone, without the help and the support of your alliances.  You will get lost and die. We feel sorry for you”.

The Battle of Ligoudista gave the Greeks the coveted victory and forced the Turks to retreat from Niokastro of Pilos. Finally, they surrendered a few months later, in August 1821.


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