Bridge Ntempriz

The Bridge Ntempriz or otherwise Strefeiko bridge (because it lies near the village Strefi of Messini), is one of the oldest stone bridges in Messinia and was built in the 16th century by the Franks.

It was the only bridge connecting the province of Pylia with Messini, over the river Velika on the old central highway PylosAndroussa. It was also built to unite the venetian castles in the surrounding area: the castle Ntempriz , which was one kilometer away from the bridge, the castle of Pelekanada, three castles in Diodia, the castle in Kefalovryso, the  castle San Flaouros in the village Paleocastro and the castle of Ano Voutaini. All of them extend alongside the river in length of 15 km.

Regarding its architecture, the Bridge Ntempriz has one arch with a small obtuse angle on its top approaching the Gothic style. It is made of limestone, it has great height and length and its width is so big that cars used to pass from there.

The Bridge Ntempriz is in very good condition considering the centuries that it stands over the waters of the river.

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