Bridge of river Valyra

The concrete Bridge of river Valyra is located outside the village, in the area called “mill of Filios”, in Messinia. It was built in 1953, but its history startes from antiquity. During its construction, traces of older bridge were found, dating back from the time of Epaminondas, the 4th century BC. It is unknown when the ancient bridge collapsed, but in 1893 an iron bridge was built by Italian craftsmen at the same spot.

In 1944 during the German occupation and intense fights in Greek region between rebels and Nazi occupiers,  the iron Bridge of river Valyra was blown by ELAS. The locals, who had their land on the other side of the river, were forced to find other ways of crossing it.

After blowing the iron bridge of river Valyra the communication was possible either by boat or by a wooden bridge, which was destroyed by a terrible flood that damaged the area in 1947. The current concrete bridge was built after the Civil War. The first car went through the Bridge of river Valyra on October 1953.

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