Carnival of Kalamata

The Carnival of Kalamata is an institution that was officially started in 2013 , but the carnival festivities in the city have a long history. The focal point is the central square of King George, where the carnival parade takes place with thousands of participants. We can also see the “Maypole”, an outdoor carnival show of music and dance of Western origin, treasure hunt game, dance shows, games and many other events which make Carnival of Kalamata a memorable experience for participants.

The great parade of Carnival of Kalamata takes place on the last Sunday of Carnival and follows this route: Square of Othonas- Pedestrian street of Aristomenous- Wheeled Department of Aristomenous street – Street of Franz – Street of Railway Station- Central Square of Kalamata.

In Carnival of Kalamata the hunting of the hidden treasure that is also common in other cities of Greece, is called “The Secret of Princess Isabeau”. It took its name by the novel of Angelos Terzakis which refers to the life of medieval Greece written in 1945 having as main event, the capture of the castle of Kalamata in 1293, in which the mythical princess lived.

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