Carnival of Messini

The Carnival of Messini is among the most famous throughout Messinia, as it takes place in the city for more than 150 years and its unique characteristic is that it ends by a float parade and carnival on first Monday in Lent and not on the last Sunday of the Carnival. Local traditions and wild party characterize the Carnival of Messini which attracts many visitors.

The celebration begins from Shrove Thursday with a tavern on a float passing by the streets of the city and offerring plenty of wine  and skewers for the passersby. On the last Sunday of Carnival, on street corners they light fires and organize a big party, with local musicians, a lot of wine and dishes of Lent.

On the morning of first Monday in Lent the events end by the Carnival of Messini. They set up the “Hangman” for “Hanging Old Lady Sikou”, while on the afternoon some cultural events take place: Cheerleader parades, floats, young and old disguised people, dance groups, folk instruments, bands and finally satirical speeches. The ritual of these days makes the Carnival of Messini unique and you should experience it if you find yourself in Messinia on those days for vacation.

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