Carnival of Nedousa

The Carnival of Nedousa takes place every year on first Monday in Lent in the village of Kalamata. This is an authentic rural happening, similar to those that take place every year in the same period in Northern Greece.

The rural carnival of Nedousa is a kind of “popular theater” with the primary purpose of ensuring a good year and fertility. Locals believe that “if the carnival does not take place once a year, something bad will happen to the village.”

Characteristic parts of Carnival of Nedousa that make it unique in the Greek area, are as follows:

• The smearing: Everyone paints their faces with smut from oven

• Wandering around: All people dressed up visit the houses around, exchanging greetings and treats!

• Dancing goats: People dressed like goats ‘fight’ under the sounds of bells!

• The plow: The holiest time of the Carnival of Nedousa. The plough will “plough” three times the square of the village, while disguised people “seed”.

• Marriage: The funniest part of carnival in Nedousa, at the end of which groom and bride ‘fall in love’ on the ground on three times ploughed soil.

• The funeral, mourning and resurrection: A young man who is killed ‘for not dying  because of senile weakness’, ‘buried’ and mourned with “lamentations” and eventually he returns to life and is “resurrected” – a clear symbol of the resurrection of nature.

Guests on Carnival of Nedousa eat free food offered by the cultural association and drink the unique “koutsavitiko” wine.

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