Castle of Koroni beach

As you enter Koroni and reach the coastal road you will find a very small beach with pebbles and rocks, where some choose to swim overlooking the castle of Koroni, but also the opposite side of the Messinian bay where dominates the mountain of Taygetos.

The Castle of Koroni beach is suitable for those seeking a quick swim into the city.

A second beach, though, just below the large fortified tower of the Castle is a pleasant surprise for visitors and completes the Castle of Koroni beach.

After you enter the castle, follow the left path that leads to exit B. If you continue in the downhill path and with little attention you will find yourselves at the Castle of Koroni beach.

The waters are clear and calm as is created a small bay that protects the Castle of Koroni beach from the weather.

You will not find any natural shading from trees, but the feeling of swimming alone under the shade of tall walls, among the rubble, is unique. If you have with you your mask or goggles would see that you swim over the crumbling ruins of the long-suffering and legendary Castle of Koroni.

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