Castle of Pelekanada

The Castle of Pelekanada or Paliopyrgos as it was called by the locals dominates in the area Belerbei of Pelekanada and its ruins still cause the admiration of visitors.

It is situated in a strategic position, having visibility into the vast plain formed by the mountains Taygetos – Lykodimos – Magklavas – Ithomi. Those who have so far made a research on the castle of Pelekanada, especially the scholar Vasileios Pavlopoulos, claim that it was built by the Venetians in the end of their sovereignty in order to protect the entrances of their properties ( Methoni , Pylos , etc.) by the major threat which was then the Ottoman Empire.

The Castle of Pelekanada like the other castles in the area, were linked by the main road Androussa- Pylos and bridges that were built over the river Velikas. One of these bridges, the stone bridge Ntempriz of 16th century is preserved in excellent condition until today to the east of the castle, outside the village Strefi.

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