Castle of Pera

Τhe Castle of Pera or Petalidi or Paniperi (from the name of the nearby village) is over Petalidi of Messinia, near the village of Agia Sotira. It is a castle without loopholes, but in a privileged location.

The Castle of Pera is located on an imposing hill with panoramic surveillance of the Messinian Bay and passages to the Venetian properties of Pylia. It was probably a fortified transit center of goods and not a normal castle. It may be identified with Castro Leone according to sources of 1409.

The shape of the Castle of Pera is almost rectangular and follows the natural form of ground. The walls are made of  raw stones with pieces of bricks in joints.

The eastern side of the Castle of Pera, which has a big pitch, is cut by two rectangular towers while the strong tower of the west side perhaps had the role of refuge. The entrance was to the west side.

Inside the Castle of Pera there are today ruins of buildings, a vaulted tank and possibly the remains of a small temple.

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