Cave of Milia

Τhe entrance to the Cave of Milia is on the road between the villages Kariovouni and Milea (or Milia) of Messinian Mani. It is the cave with rich decoration of well preserved stalactite and stalagmite formations. There is a room of 13.70 m X 14,30 m with maximum height in the center of around 5 meters and it also has several narrow passages.

On the roof of the Cave of Milia there are “alive” stalactites: on the east and south side of the room there is a strong drop flow, so that the water forms on the floor of the Cave of Milia a small gur (white and beautiful stone basins with water).

The visitors to the Cave of Milia even observe various remarkable and impressive stalactite formations, such as the large stalactite volume that stands on the floor of this room.

The measurements made ​​in the Cave of Milia, showed that the humidity is 80 degrees and the temperature 16 ° C.

There are also other smaller and unexplored caves on the region of Milia.

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