Church of Mikroi Taxiarches

The church of Mikroi Taxiarches, that is also known as ” Taxiarchaki ” by residents of Kalamata, is at Valtetsiou street just before its junction with Mavromichali Square.

The church of Mikroi Taxiarches belonged to the famous Benakis family and was at short distance from the tower of the family that was destroyed in Orlov Revolt, and it was probably constructed in the 18th century.

Since 1916, as mentioned in a wall plaque, the church of Mikroi Taxiarches is a dependency of Monastery of Velanidia.

It is one-room temple with gabled wooden roof and there are wall paintings of western style on the niche and sanctuary of the church of Mikroi Taxiarches such as Virgin Mary holding the Child between angels and the Birth of Christ.

The Church of Mikroi Taxiarches, which had damage by the earthquake of 1986, was restored by the Archaeological Service and celebrates on November 8th, the Feast of Taxiarches.

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