Custom of Fire

One of the customs revived every year at Carnival of Messini is the custom of fire, held on the last Sunday of the Carnival, the Shrovetide Sunday.

The Municipality revives the custom of fire by lighting huge bonfires in central points of Messini, in many neighborhoods. Residents, disguised or not, dance and have fun around them until the morning, and a representation of other old customs takes place during the feast. The feast that takes place during the custom of fire has local musicians, a lot of wine and traditional delicacies, such as roast pork, one of the traditional foods of Messini.

The custom of fire in Messini is unique throughout Greece and is related to the primordial tradition and corresponding rituals that have to do with the mysterious power of fire: fire hides in itself the force that is transmitted to anyone that comes close to it, during any ritual.

One of the reasons to watch the Carnival of Messini, is the revival of the custom of Fire, which is a special occasion for great fun.

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