Episkopi is a picturesque seaside village, located 37 km away from the city of Kalamata and belongs to the Municipality of Messini. It has about 140 permanent residents who are occupied with winter agricultural crops and summer tourism.

In Episkopi, visitors of Messini can find plenty of tourist accommodation, especially several rooms for rent and traditional taverns to taste local recipes. In Episkopi there are also small shops that can cover your basic needs.

The main street of the village passing through Episkopi is located alongside the beach in front of the settlement with the same name. The coast is a large area with fine sand and a few pebbles. If you are not from those who like the crowds, it is certain that you will enjoy swimming there.

The population of Episkopi during the summer grows, as many urban dwellers of Messinia have holiday homes in the village and stay there during the summer months.

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