Evangelismos of Messinia is a beautiful, semi mountainous village located between Finikouda and Methoni and is 6 kilometers away from both. It has about 250 inhabitants. The village’s history begins in 1830. The name Grivitsa (Griviza), as Evangelismos is otherwise called, existed before the revolution of 1821.

It is a small and quiet village, Evangelismos of Messinia is full of life during summers. Its beautiful square, with the fountain, the church and the central cafe are the reference points for everyone.

Evangelismos is related to a legend of the wider region of Messinia. People say that the monastery of Panagia Grivitsiani (from the old name of the village), located near Koroni, was named so when a Maria from Grivitsa fell in love and married with a Turk. In order to atone herself she asked her husband to build the monastery and because she was coming from Grivitsa, they named the monastery Grivitsiani.

South of Evangelismos within 3 km is located one of the most beautiful beaches in Mavrovouni.

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