Feast of artichoke

Τhe Feast of the Artichoke takes place every July siince 1987 in the central square of the village Mikromani of Messinia. The organizer is the Cultural Association of the village and in the evening of the second day of the Feast of Artichoke feast full of special flavors awaits visitors in a musical atmosphere.

For the Feast of Artichoke, they usually clean approximately 12,000 artichokes the village and women prepare the weirdest food on eve and day of the feast. Some of the food, you can taste, are: artichoke stuffed with minced meat, artichokes with garlic, with rice, with sauce, fried with eggs, with red sauce and garnished with parsley, olives and carrot.

The Feast of Artichoke attracts many visitors from all over Messinia.

The wild artichoke is the main source of income of residents of Mikromani. They cultivate the artichoke on an area of650 acres. The average annual production is about 3,000,000 artichokes and that’s why the Feast of Artichoke is the biggest festival of the village!

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