Feast of fig

The Feast of fig takes place for years in Polylofos in Messinia, every August when the fig trees in the area are full of fruits.

The Feast of fig is dedicated to the cultivation and products of the fig tree, which is one of the main sources of income in the region.

The idea for the organization was born in order to honor and promote this important product of the area that is so precious since antiquity, so rare in the whole world, so delicious, so nutritious and imaginative … with its consumption.

The purpose of the Feast of fig is to be widely promoted, to support the cultivation, to preserve and improve more the quality. Hundreds of people from around the area and from elsewhere are gathered this day in Polylofos and they eat and have fun until late at night.

In the Feast of fig, of course, you will try traditional and original recipes with fig: cakes, tarts, jam and everything else you can imagine.

The Feast of fig is under the responsibility of the Cultural Association of Polylofos “Agios Dimitrios”.

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