Festival of Edible Olive

The Festival of Edible Olive is held annually in August in Trikorfo, one of the most important villages of Messinia in the production of edible olives.

The festival takes place on the village square with the participation of manufacturers of edible olives from Messinia and from all over Greece having the purpose to publicize and promote this small, but miraculous fruit. About twenty producers’ kiosks present the edible olive in different varieties in a musical evening with speeches and taste competition.

The Festival of Edible Olive lasts two days.

Some conferences are also included in the context of the Festival of Edible Olive about topics related to olive and olive oil, such as the culture of olive and oil, olive oil and the Messinian cuisine, the nutritional value of olive oil etc.

During the whole Festival of Edible Olive the visitros can taste a wide variety of world famous product of Messinia that produces 3,000- 3,500 tonnes of edible olives per year strengthening the local economy.

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