Finikouda, also known as Finikous, is a seaside village with a lovely beach, located in the prefecture of Messinia, between the two castle towns, Methoni and Koroni. The full tourist infrastructure that it has, offers the recent years, great movement and lots of visitors, especially during the summer months. In the surrounding area there are many beautiful sandy beaches overlooking the islet of Schiza.

Finikouda is an ancient historical site. It is argued that it was founded by the Phoenicians that colonized the coast of the Peloponnese at this place. Pausanias mentions it as a port after the Akritas Cape under the name “Finikous Limin”.

In the more recent past, it had been a small fishing village founded during the 1840s by residents of Lachanada, who were refugees from Crete. Firstly, it was called “Tavern” due to the center that existed there. In 1928 it was temporarily renamed to Paralia of Lachanada, while in 1930 it received its current name. During the last decades, Finikouda has evolved into one of the most important tourist resorts of Messinia, mainly taking advantage of the fact that it is surrounded by large sandy beaches. The area has developed in recent years full tourist infrastructure, providing numerous rooms to let and hotels, five campsites and a large number of restaurants, cafes and tourist shops.

Finikouda today has a population of about 600 inhabitants. It is 55 kilometers (one hour and a half) from Kalamata, 11 kilometers from Methoni  and 20 kilometers from Koroni.

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