Flesiada is a small mountain village in the prefecture of Messinia, with about 70 residents. It is a historic settlement, as Flesiada is the nearest village from the hill where on May 20, 1825, Papaflessas gave his last battle, the Battle in Maniaki, resisting to Ibrahim Pasha. Moreover, the village has been given its current name in honor of the Messinian hero Papaflessas. Formerly, it was known as Paidemeno.

Among the neighboring settlement of Maniaki and Flesiada has been erected a monument for this heroic battle. It is a really big and imposing triangular pyramid, of about twenty meters, from formed limestone, which is visible from almost all lowland Messinia. Next to the pyramid lies the chapel of the Holy Trinity, where doxology takes place every year on the anniversary of the sacrifice of Papaflessas and his men, organized by the local people and authorities of Flesiada and the surrounding villages.

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