Hanging Old Lady Sikou

Hanging Old Lady Sikou is a custom revived every year on first Monday in Lent, as part of celebrations of the Carnival of Messini. It is the representation of the trial and hanging of an old Lady,Sikou, who according to tradition, was hanged at the current location according to the order of Ibrahim Pasha.

It is rumored that when Ibrahim encamped in Messinia – in his attempt to suppress the revolt of the Greeks -he saw a bad dream and asked for someone to explain it. So the Old Lady Sikou visited him and explained the dream by saying him that he and his troops would be destroyed. He did not like what he heard and he ordered to hang her and so we have the story of hanging Old Lady Sikou.

The representation of this fact is made by the theatrical workshop of Messini and visitors can participate in it. Those who attend the Hanging of Old Lady Sikou take the “risk” to hang themselves from the executioners of the day. During the modern … Hanging of Old Lady Sikou, the hanging person has the ability to bribe the executioners with little money to ensure their wine!

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