Heliostech Company has been founded by two experienced engineers, graduates of the University of Patra. In order to further extend their knowledge concerning sustainable energy sources and the photovoltaic panels, they obtained their Master’s Degree (MSc) at Högskolan Dalarna University in Switcher land.

Heliostech offers the services:

The study and installation of photovoltaic panels (on roofs and stadiums) across Greece. They take the responsibility for all stages involved, such as study, licensing, funding and installation. Upon consideration of the space they recommend the best possible solution. The choice of the installation area is made after extensive research using up to date instruments measuring the sunlight and natural shadowing.

For your convenience, Heliostech is collaborating with various banks, in order to offer you a program that best suits your needs. They offer support for funding by the bank, shade measurement, energy measurement in collaboration with the Greek Electricity Board, equipment and installation of the photovoltaic among others.

Wih the assistance of Heliostech you can turn your house in an ecological and sustainable house by using photovoltaic panels.

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