The Historical – Folklore Museum “Androuvista”

The Historical – Folklore Museum “Androuvista” is located at Eksochori, in West Mani and it is hosted in the building of the old school building. It includes exhibitions of objects of the folkloric tradition of the region, made in the early 20th century by local artisans, which were later offered to the museum by the villagers.

In the photos that are hosted in the Museum “Androuvista”, the visitor can see how the residents of Eksochori used to live. There is also exhibited a large collection of coins and banknotes from 1822 to 2002.

The collection of the Historical – Folklore Museum “Androuvista” also includes local costumes, old weapons, a loom, wefts, farming tools and equipment of a traditional home.

The Municipal Authority has granted to the Historical – Folklore Museum “Androuvista” the ruined oil mill of Koumoutseas family, which has been restored since 2009 and it remains open to visitors.

The ultimate goal of those who are responsible of the Historical – Folklore Museum “Androuvista” is to transfer the Museum next to Liotrivi, another location in Mani, so that the building of the old school can be converted into a library and space suitable for exhibitions and other similar cultural events.

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