Honey is known since ancient times as a natural product having great dietary, biological and pharmaceutical qualities. Honey is the only sweetener product that can be stored and used exactly as produced in nature having all its characteristics and properties.

The warm climate, the great sunshine, the existence of a wide variety of both wild and cultivated bee plants  in Messinia, are the guarantee for the production of high quality bee products especially honey with rich aroma, pleasant taste and nutrients.

It is collected by Messinian beekeepers from forests of firs, pines and various flowers of Messinian land. Honey as a 100% natural product, is easily digested by the body without burdening it, has bactericidal activity and contributes to reduction of blood pressure, treatment of indigestion, ulcers etc.

Honey is a natural medicine, beneficial and not fattening at all, since a teaspoon contains only 20 calories.

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