Horse Races

The Horse races are a custom revived every year on the day of the feast of Saint Georgios in Plati of Messinia with the participation of dozens of riders and many visitors.

The horse races take place in Hippodrome, a dirt road one kilometer long and ten meters wide, starting from the chapel of Saint Georgios who is considered the protector of the horsemen and ending in the village.

According to tradition the horse races started in the last years of the Byzantine Empire. Tradition says that during the preparation of the Revolution, on the occasion of the celebration various chieftains were gathered in Plati and exchanged opinions on the Revolution.

The first winner of horse races was awarded with a round bread kneaded with flour, eggs and sugar. Since 1910 until 1927 Church also offered two more prizes, a clock and a bridle.

This historic tradition, the horse races in Plati, was not interrupted even in the years of occupation by the Germans.

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