Kallithea is a semi mountainous village away from the sea and only 13 kilometers from Pylos. It is located in the southern part of the prefecture of Messinia and is 62 kilometers away from the capital, Kalamata, to the southwest. It is built at an altitude of 200 meters and has, according to the 2011 census, 664 residents.

The church of Saint Nicholas in Kallithea has a three-story bell tower, which on its top has a tiled roof and the village’s clock. The village has also a community clinic.

The current settlement came from the union of the settlements of Memerizi and Gamos, initially by the name Memerizi. In 1928, it was renamed to Kallithea. It borders with the settlements of Chomatada and Arapolakka.

The population of Kallithea is mostly engaged in agricultural crops. Its main agricultural productions are olive oil and raisins.

To get to Kallithea from Pylos, head south to Methoni and after about a kilometer and a half turn left towards Palaionero.

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