The stone whirled and twisted, creating Kastraki – a copy of Byzantine and medieval castles. It created turrets and battlements, stairs and patios to harbour the magical dreams that come from the site, view and warmth of the stone, drink, music and our hospitality. The ancient Greek amphitheater with the stone seats, the circular performance space, stone thrones and statues of gods, provoke a deep and unforgettable impression on our guests.

The theater here is used for many purposes such as events, concerts, happenings, as well as a seating area for the bar. In our multipurpose space, there is also a restaurant with traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. We aim to amaze you, since cuisine is something we know very well. The food combines the flavors of this unique land, quality of materials and an incredible taste. Our cellar includes wine from Messinia, Peloponnese and the entire Greece.

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