Kefalinos is a picturesque village in the area of Ithomi, it belongs to the municipality of Messini and is 39 km away from the city of Kalamata. It is said that it was founded in ancient times by Kefalonian merchants who had a commercial relationship with Messinia and especially with the area Ithomi, through the port of Kyparissia that is the most accessible area by the Ionian Sea.

There is also a second version of the name Kefalinos that says that this mountainous village was built under the order of a Norman landowner in the 11th or 12th century AD, called Kefalinos and he gave his name to the village .

It is certain that the village Kefalinos in Venetian Codes (directories) is refered with the name Kefallonitsi which can be explained by the first and second version.

Kefalinos is built at the foot of Mountain Kapsala at an altitude of 450 meters. The mountain above the village is called Panagia as there is the church of Agia Zoni of Virgin Mary that celebrates on August 31st.

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