Kefalovryso is a village of the municipality of Messini, built at an altitude of 585 meters above sea level. It is 43 kilometers away from the capital of Messinia, Kalamata. The settlement Koulkada is two kilometers to west of Kefalovryso and is now considered part of the region.

Kefalovryso is located in the northernmost end of the central part of the prefecture of Messinia to the west. It occupies a windless place with rich waters and suitable land for livestock and crops, with excellent view from high and mainly away from lowland centers where conquerors of the region were settled over the centuries. This fact actually contributed to the maintenance of traditional identity of Kefalovryso.

Kefalovriso was not only a suitable environment, but also it ensured the necessary living conditions and offered protection, safety and freedom to residents. As a result, the settlement, although it is relatively inaccessible, was never adandoned by its residents.

Kefalovryso is 33 km away from Messini and 10 km away from Aristomenis.

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