Kentrikon – Tavern

A beautiful place in the center of Kalamata is waiting for you to enjoy not only the wonderful flavors, but also a unique entertainment experience. Kentrikon is the tavern of the city and is located in the center of the Messinian capital, on the square of the town hall of Kalamata.

The atmosphere at Kentrikon is warm, comfortable and perfect to spend your time with friends and loved ones. Its interior will impress you with its tasteful and elegant decor, while the outer courtyard reminds of traditional hospitality similar to that of old neighborhoods. Excellent and quick service shows our respect for the customers, as they are considered our guests!

Regarding the food, well, this is what will make your experience at Kentrikon unique! Try all the dishes, which are prepared with traditional products – for example the famous olive oil that gives our food a unique taste! You should accompany the delicious dishes by choosing among a very wide variety of wine, ouzo and tsipouro and have a wonderful experience at the center of Kalamata, in the heart of the city.

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