Kolonides beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Koroni is Kolonides beach. It has fine sand and is surrounded by trees and rocks. It is a small and quiet beach near the village of Vounaria, next to the lively Peroulia beach, overlooking the Messinian bay.

The Kolonides beach got its name from the ancient town of Kolonides, whose remains of ancient buildings have been found in the area. Its inhabitants were called Kolones and were settlers in Parnona.

The access to Kolonides beach is easy if you have a vehicle. Entering Vounaria and heading to the beach, just before the hotel “Kolonides” you will find a dirt footpath in a field with olive trees. Follow it and you will find yourself in this little paradise.

The Kolonides beach is one of the unknown beaches of the area, and you should definitely not ignore it. The purity of nature and the serenity of the location in combination with the breathtaking views, offer incredible peace of mind.

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