The village of Kremmydia is located in the area of Pylia within 18 kilometers from Pylos and 40 kilometers from Kalamata, at an altitude of 322 meters. The village is also called Fourtzi and Fourtzokremmyda.

Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture, but Kremmydia is known for a cause that has to do with the letters, not the land: In 2000, the village of Kremmydia entered the Guinness Book of Records for having the highest percentage of graduate scientists in the number of its inhabitants! However, a few years ago, the only primary school that operated in Kremmydia closed, due to lack of students.

In Kremmydia had taken place on April 7, 1825 a fierce battle between the forces of Ibrahim who ravaged the Peloponnese in the name of the Ottoman Empire and the rebellious Greeks, who then had as forefront chieftains Karaiskakis, Tzavelas and Botsaris. The evolution of the battle was not good for the Struggle: The Greeks got surrounded and after losing 500 men, they were forced to retreat.

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