Kria Vrysi

Kria Vrysi, along with the villages Pigadia, Dendra and Rizana are on the northern slopes of Taygetos at an altitude of 1096 meters and constitute the local district of Pigadia in Western Mani. It is one of the most mountainous villages in entire Peloponnese.

Although Kria Vrysi is situated at a landscape of infinite natural beauty it suffered from the devastating fires of 2007. Today the village is inhabited by eight residents, according to the 2011 census. Every year on August 26t the picturesque church, dedicated to Virgin Mary celebrates and gathers a lot of people resurrecting Kria Vrysi.

The gorge of Rintomos  extends over Pigadia presenting rich flora, deep ravines, rocks and almost vertical slopes. Many people pass through Kria Vrysi and villages in the wider area to cross the famous gorge and explore the beauty of nature and the tradition.

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