Lachanada is a lowland settlement of Messinia. It is located at the southern end of the Messinian peninsula, near Finikouda, within 2 kilometes from the coast. In the village, which is now inhabited by 163 people, you will find rooms to let and taverns.

The inhabitants of Lachanada are all of Cretan origin. The Messinian historian writer Dikaios V. Vagiakakos in his study “Cretan refugees in the Peloponnese during Kapodistrias’ rule”, which was published in the journal “Mnemosyne” (Volume I, 1967, pp. 41-70) argues that in 1831 Cretans settled at Lachanada as well. He writes; “Lachanada. Herein were established the last Cretan refugees from Agios Vasilios and Amario under General Tsouderos and Stratis Deligiannakis. Among them were many women and children, who were moved normally by ships of Hydra. The governor of the Messinian Forts mentioned that the distributed lands of 3,500,000 square meters worthed 28.000 foinikes” (currency of the time).

The residents of Lachanada are those who in recent years (1840-1850) inhabited Finikouda. The Cretans of Lachanada and Finikouda continued, in the early years, to dress, as in Crete; they wore the Cretan breeches with the red fez, and spoke the Cretan dialect, remains of which are still heard today.

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