Ladas is a village in Messinia, perched on an altitude of 680 meters in western Taygetos. The older name of the village was Koutsava Lada. As it is said, it took its name from the Spartan Olympic champion Ladas, who on his return from Olympia died on the way to Sparti and was buried there. Pausanias found his grave and mentions him on his tours.

The church of Agios Ioannis the Theologian is located on the hilltop in Lada and opens once a year on May 8th when a big traditional feast takes place offering lamp.

Ladas is one of the few villages that have retained their vineyards of old local varieties. That is why the village is well known for its wine festival held annually on the last Saturday of August with cultural events, free wine, food and a lot of visitors who climb on Taygetos for this event.

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