Lagou Hani – Alagonia

If we want to take the path of Lagou Hani – Alagonia, we start from Kalamata and head for the village Nedousa, on the stone bridge. The route starts from this point that is called Lagou Hani.

The hiking from Lagos Hani to Alagonia passes through the forest road, from the starting point to the village Alagonia. We have to walk along the riverbed of Nedontas, and after a church, we find the start of the path. The scenery is amazing and the path Lagou Hani – Alagonia passes over four stone bridges. The trail ascends and leads us to the first houses of Alagonia that is located at an altitude of 800 meters. We can eat and rest in the village and we can get back to Kalamata by bus or by the same route.

The route Lagou Hani – Alagonia takes about two and a half hours. You will walk through a lush landscape with lots of running water provided by the river Nedontas.

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