The litany is a custom that you will see in Mani at Easter.

In the morning of the second day of Easter the priests of the churches begin the litany, followed by the believers of the parishes, while they all keep icons and crosses.  they go round the village together and chant Resurrectional hymns and prays.

In many villages the litany goes to the cemetery, where relatives of dead people wait. Over the flower-decorated graves there are censer with incense, Easter buns and Easter eggs, while there are big buns, called “Bows” in the graves of those who died just before Easter.

When the litany of the cross in the cemetery finishes, it goes back to the village and continues from alley to alley and house to house. Believers then offer their dedications and various other everyday items like scarves, food, etc. which are gathered and auctioned after the end of litany for the needs of the village church.

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