The village Loga belongs to the municipality of Messina and is 42 km away from the city of Kalamata.

Loga has been established as a tourist destination as it has beautiful beaches such as the most famous beach of Agios Andreas. In the village you will find facilities of hospitality, restaurants and entertainment. This actually makes vacationers of Messinia to prefer Loga for their accomodation.

The ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo of Korythos or Korynthos are in Agios Andreas of Loga. In the area there is also an aisled early Christian church of Saint Andreas, which is one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the area. In its initial phase, which dates back to the early Middle Byzantine Period (9th-10th century), the type of the church was three-aisled basilica.

There was probably an organized village in the middle of Byzantine period at the foot of Mountain Lykodimos. This view is reinforced by the presence of a temple of the same period, dedicated to Saint Antonios, just outside Loga.

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