Makaronas is one of the customs in the area of Pylos in Messinia. It revives every year on Carnival Sunday before Clean Monday. The third week of the Carnival is called Tyrini or Makaronou because then, according to the Orthodox religious tradition, we eat only dairy products and pasta. Therefore, Makaronas was the one that was eating all the pasta of the village. During the revival of this custom, the inhabitants of Pylos dress an effigy made of straw and are trying him at the central square. Before judges, jury and witnesses, Makaronas faces the accusation that he ate all the pasta and left the town hungry. Victim of his gluttony, Makaronas, has always the same fate: death sentence by the fire.

Makaronas at the stake pays for his crimes and spectators emotionally purged enjoy the feast –as we know, the fire has a purifying character.

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