Mavrommati is a beautiful village that belongs to the municipality of Messini,it is 30 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata and about 390 residents live there permanently.

Mavrommati is situated at an altitude of 380 meters at the foot of Mountain Ithomi. The village is close to the most important archaeological site of Messinia, Ancient Messini.

Main occupation of the residents of Mavrommati is farming.

The area of Ancient Messini, around Mavrommati combines the mountainous grandeur of Delphi and low riverside serenity of Olympia, with the dominant bare limestone volume of Ithomi. We can see there its acropolis and the low fertile valley around the ancient city that according to visitors and scholars is equally important with two other ancient Greek centers.

Coming from Mavrommati, we initially see the Archaeological Museum of Messini. Passing through vineyards and olive groves, we see to the right the theatre of Ancient Messini and to the left the ancient Fountain of Arsinoi. Continuing on a narrow trail, we see at left the Market and immediately after, the sacred site of Asklipieio. Ancient Messini also includes the Arcadian Gate, one of the entrances of the city.

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