Messinian Feast

The Messinian Feast lasts nine days and starts every year on September 20th to commemorate the miracle of the Virgin that saved Messini from the terrible plague epidemic in 1755.

The Messinian Feast is combined with the litany of the miraculous image of Virgin Mary of the Monastery of Voulkano: In the night of September 19th to 20th believers accompany Voulkaniotissa and travel for 20 kilometers on foot. This descent starts at 2 the morning from Voullano and ends in “Mavromateiki Panagitsa” around 7:30 in the morning.

Τhe icon is recieved at 9.30 am at the church of Agia Paraskevi at the entrance of Messini by the Metropolitan of Messini, the local authorities and many believers. This tradition sympolizes the start of Messinian Feast.

Then the litany continues to the main streets of the city and ends at Metohi of Voulkano of Panigyristra where they leave the sacred image.

The pilgrimage in Messinian feast  lasts eight days until September 28th, when at 5 pm of that day the icon returns to the monastery, firstly with a litany through Messini and then to Voulkano and it ends at 12 at night.

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