Meteoro looks like an air balloon clinging to the mountainside, hanging between heaven and earth.

The estblishment is an impressive structure with huge glass openings that let the light and view to invade the interior, taking your breath away. Wood, a comfortable living room, good Greek and foreign music and live music events. Coffee, drinks and food made by the chef and cooking professor Charalambos are a unique delight.

Up here, none of the days and nights are similar. These incredible blue shades, the shocking sunsets, the ships anchored in the bay, Kalamata – white in the day and full of lights at night – look like paintings that are constantly changing. But the most striking spectacle that Meteoro offers, is the lightnings that cut the sky in  half and the thunders that make the mountain echo during the cold and rainy winter nights.

There is also a restaurant functioning in our multipurpose space with traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. We intend to amaze you, because cuisine is something we know very well. The food combines the flavors of this unique land with the quality of ingredients and an incredible tonality of taste. Our cellar includes wine from Messinia, Peloponnese and the whole of Greece.

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