Monastery of Ellinika

The Monastery of Ellinika or Paleokastro is at short distance from the village Anthia that belongs to the former municipality of Thouria and is 13 km at northwest of Kalamata.

It was built during the 13th and early 14th century and is of four-column cruciform rhythm. It is dedicated to the Assumption and celebrates on August 15th, on first Friday after Easter Sunday and on August 27th in memory of Agios  Fanourios.

The Monastery of Ellinika or Paleokastro got its name from the area chosen to build, as there have been vaulted tombs from the Mycenaean era and ruins of ancient Thouria, the most important city in western Messinia in antiquity. There is also an inscription with the names of ancient athletes on the stone fence of monastery of Ellinika.

The first cells in the monastery of Ellinika, which today is a nunnery, was constructed in the late 19th century, although the first evidence for the life of monks dates back to 1914.

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