Monastery of Holy Trinity

The Monastery of Holy Trinity is built on Kalathios Mountain in Taygetos and to the east of Kalamata.

The Monastery of Holy Trinity stands out for the magnificent views and due to its position it looks like a natural “balcony” from which visitors can gaze across Messinia.

It is dependency of Monastery of Dimiovia and according to Patriarchal sigillia of 17th and 18th century they have a close relationship. The Monastery of Holy Trinity has not monks.

Its Catholic is a single-aisled cruciform domed church, which is dedicated to Holy Trinity, built in the 17th century. The close relationship of Holy Trinity with the neighboring monastery of Dimiovia is evidenced by the fact that, according to experts, the wooden temple of the first one was built by the same craftsman who created the temple of the second one.

The Monastery of Holy Trinity suffered from heavy damages after the great earthquake of 1986 in Kalamata and it was restored.

The Monastery of Holy Trinity celebrates on Monday of Pentecost or the Holy Spirit.

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